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At Smith and Kline Business Services, we have worked with individuals and businesses throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area for over 16 years, offering comprehensive tax and payroll services. We take a highly professional approach, listening carefully to all your questions and concerns so that we can take the steps necessary to get the results you seek. We carefully monitor all developments in the rules and regulations governing state and federal tax liability, and participate in regular training to stay current on all matters affecting your rights.

To set up a free initial consultation, contact our office or call us at 323-725-1650.

Tax Solutions in Los Angeles

We work closely with individuals and businesses throughout the local area, focusing our attention on tax matters, including

  • disputes involving tax arrearages or payment of┬áback taxes. We will prepare all necessary forms and act as your intermediary with IRS or state tax authorities, handling disputes involving federal and state income tax debts as well as payroll tax arrearages.
  • tax audits, including IRS and state tax audits. We will help you at any stage of an audit, whether you have just received notice or the process is complete. We handle in-person and correspondence audits.
  • resolution of tax problems. We help people find solutions to income and payroll taxes, acting as your advocate with state and federal tax authorities. When appropriate, we will help you negotiate an installment agreement to pay off any tax assessment. We will also help you secure an offer in compromise, if doing so is in your best interests.
  • tax appeals. We act as your representative with state and federal tax authorities, protecting your interests at any point in the appeals process. We can help you appeal an assessment, a notice of deficiency, a garnishment or a levy.

Payroll Services at Competitive Rates

We also offer comprehensive payroll services, handling all required state and federal reporting, as well as maintenance of employee history. We will help you ensure that tax deposits are made on a timely basis. A price sheet based on the number of employees is included on this site. To learn more, see our page on payroll services.

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We provide a free initial consultation in tax and payroll matters. Contact us or call our office at 323-725-1650 for an appointment. Credit cards are welcome.

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